Clockwork Heart/Clockwork Butterfly

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There is something incredibly powerful about the combination of the mechanical and the organic, the rational and the emotional. So maybe it's not surprising that a clockwork heart is so mesmerizing! It's warm, and yet cold...beautiful, yet mechanical. It could symbolize a love of machines...or a rational heart! Either way, it's a unique piece of jewelry that won't be around forever.

The Clockwork Butterfly similarly takes something gentle and makes it into an automaton. But the butterfly symbolizes beauty, freedom and the human spirit.  The mechanical butterfly then can represent a soul locked inside an automaton, or simply beauty constructed from mechanical parts. As the owner it is for you to decide! 

Each pendant measures 2.36" by 1.65", and drops from a 22" adjustable lobster clasp chain. Please note that the gears on each piece do not move.

Due to the limited availability of this unique product, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.