ExpandBin Telescoping Storage Bin

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Secure & Risk-free

These futuristic storage bins are way too fun to use! You'll wonder how you lived without a few of these around. But be warned, everyone will want to borrow them...
  • Large 39 quart volume when expanded
  • Perfect on the go: in the car, out hunting, gardening, for lawn work, laundry...they are so versatile!
  • The top seals shut, so they can even be used to hold liquid! Great as a water supply or wash basin when camping, or as a catch bucket for fishing!
  • Best of all, it packs down for easy transport when empty! The advanced plastics are difficult to damage, so collapse it and expand it again and again!
  • Heat resistant, anti-corrosion material. Works in temperatures ranging 0-190 ℉, and can withstand volatile substances such as acid, alkali, salt, oil.
  • Tough fold-out carrying handles