Grenade Survival Kit

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Survival EquipmentThe BEST Survival Kit to take everywhere!


The Grenade Survival Kit is an exclusive, budget friendly survival kit ready to help you in ANY survival situation. Rated the #1 BEST compact survival kit for both quality and price, the Grenade Survival Kit contains practical survival tools you can count on in ANY weather, altitude, or survival condition. The paracord grenade will last a lifetime with quality components wrapped in over 9 feet of paracord. Survival Kit includes 12 tools, is incredibly small and light, and snaps right on your belt--just clip it and forget! You have no excuse not to bring it with you everywhere.

This is a survival kit that hunters, campers, preppers, hikers and backpackers should have on them at ALL times!


Contents wrapped in survival kit 12 tools:

- 1 Mountaineering buckle

- 1 Tinder

- 1 Aluminum foil 

- 1 Alcohol pad

- 1 Knife blade

- 1 Fire starting 

- 1 Paracord rope

- 1 Fishing line 

- 2 Fishing weights 

- 2 Fishing swivels

- 2 Fishing hooks 

- 2 Fishing Floats 

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