IPX7 Double-shoulder Waterproof Dry Bag (35L/60L)

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Secure & Risk-free

Love your adventures out on the water, but not soaked spare clothing, wet electronics, and soggy snacks? This IPX7-rated dry bag is the perfect solution!

Dry bags don't need to be a pain to lug around. Ours features thick, rugged straps fixed at the top and the bottom, so it's as easy to carry as any backpack! It's so easy to use, you'll find yourself strapping it on even when there's no water in sight! Our large size holds 60 liters of equipment, but weighs under 2 lbs. That's enough space for your boldest adventures, but it's still light enough for day trips!

  • Easy to transport: use the rugged backpack straps, or carrying handle for fast access and shorter distances
  • Durable but lightweight PVC construction
  • IPX6-rated: protected even from powerful water jets
  • 35 or spacious 60 liters of storage, so you don't have to pick and choose what you want do stay dry
  • Perfect for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, boating, fishing, or just hiking in the rain
  • Available in stylish blue, green, or yellow designs

Due to high demand for this limited-time item, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.