OmniEye™ Wide-Angle Smart Doorbell with Camera

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Always Know Who's At The Door---Even Late At Night! The SMARTEST Doorbell Around!

Super Wide Angle Lens, Sub Second Wake Up, Smart Wifi Connected, Two Way Talking, Motion Detection, Mobile Notifications, And MUCH More! 

Don't Get Stuck Paying For Expensive Monthly Security Contracts---This Little Smart Doorbell Does It All! STUPID easy installation, after all it's FULLY wireless, just stick it on the wall! Your phone will ring when someone presses the doorbell, and then watch and talk to them with full 720p HD video and audio---all without even getting out of the chair! 

  • Ultra Low Power Standby Mode – Lasts up to 4 months under regular use, knocking other doorbells out of the park! 
  • Lithium Ion Batteries are easy to recharge RIGHT IN THE DOORBELL using the USB port! 
  • Nearly a MILLION PIXEL HD camera 
  • 166° WIDE ANGLE LENS so you can see ANYONE on your porch, not just anyone standing in front of the door! 
  • Noise cancellation so you can hear perfectly 
  • STUPID EASY setup, comes with everything you need 
  • PIR Infrared Motion Detection works even in PITCH DARKNESS to alert you if someone approaches! 
  • Automatic switching day and night modes for a good picture regardless of the light level 
  • Use our app on Android and iOS to do everything on your cumbersome wall mounted screen you have to install and walk to every time someone arrives! 
  • Record photos and videos as evidence if someone is suspicious 
  • SD card slot so you can install however much storage space YOU need! 
  • The OmniEye is compatible with all kinds of accessories, so you can buy them wherever YOU want! But we have some convenience packages to ensure you start with everything you need: 
    • 3*18650 long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion batteries 
    • Wall-mounted chime to hear throughout your house, not just your phone 
    • 32GB SD card 
    • Wifi extender, you may need one if your wifi signal is weak by your door 

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