Panthera™ Men's Luxury Collection

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Why Discount Our Most Popular Men's Line Of All Time? 

We used to offer each of these individually.

Our fans would buy one and LOVE it, even come back for more, but never find out about these other items we poured some serious love into!

Thing is, anyone who loves one of these beautiful pieces loves all the others! And we got frustrated with our customers missing out.

So we're cutting our profits and offering all of these in our deepest discount ever, Panthera™ Collection! It includes ALL our best-selling items.

But a deal this good has to have an end (according to our CEO). So get it while it's still up!

Includes 3 premium items:

  • Panthera Elite™ Men's Stone Bead Bracelet (Regularly $44 + S&H)
  • Panthera™ Luxury Keychain (Regularly $29 + S&H)
  • Panthera Torque™ Luxury Men's Bracelet (Regularly $19 + S&H)


Item Descriptions:

Panthera Elite™ Men's Stone Bead Bracelet


We have some beautiful items in our Panthera™ line...but this one deserves the title ELITE. We sourced the highest-quality Cat's Eye semiprecious stones, and combined them with our pave-set rhinestone panther for a ferocious luxury look. This cat is actually hand forged, and the entire piece is assembled by hand for the ultimate in quality and personal uniqueness. 

Panthera™ Luxury Keychain

Who says keychains have to be cheap and tacky? 

Panthera™ exudes luxury with its premium construction and design. The ring features a hinged clasp, and at the other end, the robust braided leather cord is perfect for hanging when not in use. The snarling jaguar holds the key ring in place, and is exquisitely detailed with shimmering blue eyes. Ships in deluxe gift box.

Panthera Torque™ Luxury Men's Bracelet


This isn't some foofy, elaborate piece of man-jewelry.

It's made for the man who makes something of himself, and is busy doing it. Luxury on the go. Subtle, not overstated. It's equally at home with a fine suit or with street clothes.

And the Panthera™ head, a reminder of how you live life. See what you want. Corner it, stalk it. Then strike, and take what's yours through sheer will alone.


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Because of the unique, limited-time nature of this item, our US customers should allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.