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Are You Comfortable Carrying Water While Running?

It's such a simple thing, but so many runners do it wrong. 

You carry a water bottle, right? And you have to shift it around a lot, because by the end of a long run, it hurts!

Turns out water, is super heavy.

And having a 5 pound weight slamming against your side, or even WORSE, smashing into your back...causes some damage!

Even if it's in your hand...you're switching hands, repositioning the weight...because it's an AWFUL way to carry your water!

What you NEED is...

...that weight evenly distributed over your back and shoulders.

It's much healthier.

Then you can carry all the water you need and hardly notice it.

This is our WaterPak™ technology, and it has a lot of benefits.

First off, you can stop skimping on water! Carry what you actually need, and don't get dehydrated!

(Side note: getting dehydrated is a great way to turn a healthy run into a very unhealthy trip to the emergency room)

Second, you can actually enjoy your run! Who knew you didn't have to be in pain for the last three miles?!?

Third...these short term injuries can turn into long term ones. Unbalanced running can lead to back problems, knee problems, and other nasty nasties.

Instead...just use the right equipment for the job!

Rimix™ Hydration Vests. It's that simple.

Get one and your worries are seriously over.

And I almost forgot to mention, we have a whole lot of other handy features for runners:

Features for Runners:

  • 4 snap buckles on the sides and front ensure a perfect, snug fit!
    • Yes, men AND women!
  • Ample storage, perfectly balanced around your body (not like most packs, where your stuff jostles all over)
    • Large drawstring pouch
    • 2x mesh storage areas
    • Phone-safe pouch
    • Card/cash storage (why don't more bags have this?!)
  • Ultralight design. That backpack is slowing you down! Rimix™ cuts away the fat so you can carry EVERYTHING you need, and nothing else.
    • Reflective + breathable honeycomb technology: safety and comfort at the same time!
    • (Optional) 2L WaterPak™, enough for even the longest day runs!
    • Smart straps keep your water nozzle right where you need it: next to your mouth! No more losing it on treacherous trail runs.

    WaterPak™ bundle includes:

    • 2L WaterPak™
    • 500mL WaterPak™ flask

    Rimix vests are rugged and made to last, stitched by hand in small batches. Due to this, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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