SunVenture High Power Solar USB Charger

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Harness cutting-edge technology to charge your devices ANYWHERE--on the quad, lying on the beach, away in the mountains! Even better, charge faster than many wall and computer cables! The SunVenture charger is compact and lightweight, but it's no slouch!

Just a few years ago, a charger this good wasn't possible. But our engineers have harnessed cutting-edge solar technology to give you the fastest charging, with the smallest profile and best value ever! If you've used a solar charger before, you'll be amazed at what this device can do!

It's thin, it's light...fold it up and it's hardly larger than a wallet! The small profile makes perfect on the go. Hang it over your backpack using the included carabiners, and have power all day! Perfect for hiking, biking, backpacking, fishing, boating, hunting, or just enjoying the outdoors!

This 7 watt charger is compatible with all USB devices.


High Conversion of Natural Energy
Harness solar energy and turn it into electricity with an insane 22% energy conversion rate for your phone while traveling through wilderness or poor areas where it's hard to find a wall outlet to charge your device. Get yourself well prepared for your next adventure with this solar charger.
Wallet Sized Phone Charger
When closed, the solar charger is about the size of a wallet. It comes with buckle straps so you can grab it by the hand or hook it on your backpack. This portable design is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or biking.
Smart IC with TIR-C Technology
A lot of USB devices cannot keep it up with the changing input, instead they are charged with the initial input even though the actual charging current has turned higher, which is why they fail to have an optimal charging. But the sunlight changes all the time, so does the charging input. The Suaoki solar charger features a smart IC that automatically resets charging process to keep the device charged with the optimal input all the time.

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