SwabSwapper™ Double Sided Microfiber Mop with Reusable Pads

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  • DUAL-SIDED FLAT MOP - The new generation dual action flip mop, you can put it stand and free your hand. It can be self-cleaning, push-pull type wiper wiper easily without obstacles, just pull over and over again to clean and squeeze by itself.
  • PROFESSIONAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANING - Stainless Steel Mop shaft make force parts more reliable and flexible, the lengthening bar design is easy to clean the corner. The mop head with the use of ultra-fine fiber which grip dirt, dust and pet hair making this the perfect dust mop.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL MOP HEAD - No mildew, no bacterial. the pads use of high-strength material to ensure the reliability and stability of the mop.Specific particles friction rubber plate,can greatly enhance the friction with the floor,No matter which direction you push and pull can be fully utilized, for you to save money and time.
  • AUTOMATIC REBOUND SYSTEM - The plate can easily bounce back, 360 degrees no dead structure design helps clean the ceiling, walls and other furniture.
  • HALF YOUR TIME WHILE CLEANING - the 15 inchs mop pad is larger than the traditional mop clean area. There are two metal rods inside the package,two pieces of cloth, a self-filter mantle base.The product is suitable for use with wood floors,tiled floors, marble.